The Tour

Sheep Dog Demo

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of tradition and modern farming at Killary Sheep Farm. Our exceptional trio of working dogs—Sweep, Lassie, and Fly—alongside a delightful farm puppy, forms a dynamic team that breathes life into our pastoral landscape.

The training of our sheepdogs is a labor of dedication and time, resulting in immeasurable rewards when you witness their expertise in action. Join us on our farm tours for an immersive experience, where the seamless collaboration between our skilled trainers and these canine companions unfolds. Be captivated by the precision, agility, and harmony that define the combined skills of our sheepdogs and trainers against the stunning backdrop of the Killary landscape.

Discover the timeless tradition of sheep farming and the integral role our working dogs play in the success of our operations. At Killary Sheep Farm, we extend an invitation for you to witness the extraordinary bond between humans and animals, turning each tour into a celebration of rural life. It’s where hard work, dedication, and the joy of a well-trained dog come together in a delightful spectacle.


Feeding Baby Lambs

Discover the heartwarming joy of bottle-feeding orphaned lambs on our farm this spring and summer! Join our immersive farm tour, where you can connect with adorable lambs in need of special care and attention. Lamb feeding experiences available from March 17 to August 15. Embrace the charm of rural life and create unforgettable memories with our lovable lambs!

Sheep Shearing Demo

During the months from July to September we shear all our sheep with the hand shears which is the traditional way of sheep shearing. It is unusual to see hand shearing still in practice as most farmers are using machines now, but Tom doesn’t like the machine believing it takes too much wool off and the sheep can get cold. Join us on this unique journey from June 1 to August 15.

Private Tours on Request

Indulge in a personalized experience with private tours at Killary Sheep Farm. Discover the magic of our pastoral landscape, meet our exceptional working dogs, and immerse yourself in the heartwarming traditions of sheep farming. Private tours are available upon request, allowing you to tailor your visit to create lasting memories. Contact us to arrange an exclusive and intimate tour at Killary Sheep Farm.